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Our Vision

Each child is unique and needs to be understood, valued and empowered to…

  • Achieve agency
  • Self-advocate for their learning
  • Realize their hopes and dreams


Meet The Empower the Learner Team

A trifecta of expertise in learning, technology and mindfulness.

Kathleen McClaskey

  • ● Co-author of Best Sellers: Make Learning Personal and How to Personalize Learning.
  • ● Developed the “Empower the Learner” Framework.
  • ● Designed the “Empower the Learner” 3-Step Process to empower all learners.
  • ● Termed “UDL Lens of Access, Engage and Express” as a way for a learner to understand the what, why and how of their learning.
  • ● International presenter, keynote speaker and expert on personalized learning, Universal Design for Learning and creating learner-centered environments.
  • ● Passionate in empowering ALL learners with tools, skills and practices so they become self-directed learners, learners with agency, who are future ready for college, career and life.
  • ● M.Ed. In Technology in Education; 40 years in education as a teacher, K-12 administrator, graduate professor, school board member, UDL Consultant and professional developer.
  • ● Married to my best friend, Jim for 49 years, and Mom of two sons who inspire my work every day.


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