Empower the Learner Program — Educator Edition

We developed the ETL Program for Educators with this belief:

  • Every child whether in a remote or in-class environment needs to develop the skills and daily practices…
  • to support their own learning,
  • to achieve agency,
  • to self-advocate for their learning, and
  • to realize their hopes and dreams!

Welcome to the Empower the Learner – Educator Edition!

Our message for educators:

Our message for educators:

We are so excited that you are here!

The ETL Program for Educators was born out of our experiences as current and former teachers who observed the daily struggles of learners with learning disabilities, dyslexia, ADHD, anxiety and depression. Today, we understand the greater challenges educators are having in helping these same learners in a remote learning environment.

We know as experts in our fields of
Personalized learning,
Educational and Assistive Technologies, and

We know that one in five children who struggle in school often do not gain the skills or practices to support their own learning on a daily basis. Above all, these children often do not see themselves as “learners”, causing their sense of empowerment, confidence and belief in themselves to diminish. We want all children to have a positive self-image of who they are and how they learn. We especially want them to be prepared for the post secondary, to realize their hopes and dreams, and to become self-directed, productive members of society with unlimited opportunities. The ETL Program for Educators is designed to help you do that.

We are here to guide you with a clear process, guidance and extensive resources and videos that you can use to help the learners in your classroom to develop a positive self-perception and to gain the independent skills and practices to support their learning.

The field of personalized learning, combined with the practices of mindfulness and educational tools presented in the ETL Program for Educators, pave the way.

If you would like to learn more about ETL, please visit our FAQ’s page or read our blogs to discover how learners can be empowered to lead their learning.

Learn more about the Empower the Learner Programs for Educators!

The Empower the Learner Program – Parent Edition

  • 5 Module self-paced ETL program to develop an ETL ebook and one-pager for your child!
  • Activity Guides and videos for each of the 5 Module ETL Program!
  • Empower the Learner one-pager ETL template for Advocacy and Self-Advocacy!
  • Access to the Access, Engage and Express charts including charts for the neurodivergent learner!
  • Invitation to all “ETL Live” events led by Kathleen!
  • Bonus 1: One year access to the ETL Program and all updates including charts!
  • Bonus 2: Lifetime Membership to the ETL Community Group!
  • Bonus 3: Tools and apps lists for iOS, Microsoft, Chrome, Android!
  • Bonus 4: Access to all update instructional videos!
  • 10% discount for groups of 5 or more. Groups of 25 or more, please contact khmcclaskey@gmail.com for enrollment instructions!
  • Certificate for 30 hours of professional development at completion of the course!

The ETL Program is designed to take the struggle out of learning!

Do you want your learners to thrive with skills, tools and practices to be lifelong learners?

Enrollment begins June 15th!

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