How to Personalize Learning

How to Personalize Learning

How to Personalize Learning: A Practical Guide for Getting Started and Going Deeper


Create a powerful shift in education by building a culture of learning where every learner is valued!

How to Personalize Learning brings theory to practice where teachers and parents will find the tools, skills and strategies needed to personalize learning and develop self-directed, independent learners with agency.

Discover how to get started using the UDL (Universal Design for Learning) Lens of Access and Engage and Express along with…

  • Tools and templates such as the Learner Profile (LP), Personal Learning Backpack (PLB) and Personal Learning Plan (PLP) as well as tips for lesson design and PBL.
  • Comprehensive charts on Access, Engage and Express with related examples of PL, PLB and PLP.
  • Lesson and project examples that show how teachers can change instructional practice by encouraging learner voice and choice.
  • Illustrations that clarifies what the 7 elements of agency is and what it looks like through the stages so that learners and teachers alike can to understand how they are progressing.



Many teachers are familiar with UDL, and they may want to try it in their classrooms, but they just don’t know how to get started. With this book, educators don’t just learn about UDL, they do UDL as they complete a number of activities designed to get them thinking about their most deeply held beliefs about learning and ease them into a new role as the “lead learner” in their classrooms.

— Luis Pérez, AEM Technical Consultant, CAST

“Educators must change their perspectives of both teaching and learning to be in a position to grow citizens prepared to thrive and excel in our changing world. This practical  guide lays out the foundation for both leadership and classroom practitioners to begin this journey by understanding the changing landscape and providing practical applications of personalized learning pedagogy.”

— Cynthia Dunlap, M.Ed, Educational Technology Consultant, New Hampshire


“This book is a transformative treatise for all levels on catalyzing enhanced efficacy—from community culture to the classroom learner—so that personalized learning becomes a reality in even the most traditional classrooms.  Whether you are the community member that dares to think differently or the classroom teacher that knows deep down that something just isn’t working, How to Personalize Learning: A Practical Guide for Getting Started and Going Deeper, is the seminal book to get you started on your personalized learning journey.”

Patrick Riley, Cognitive Coach , Green River Regional Educational Cooperative: kid-FRIENDLy, Race to the Top-District Grant, Kentucky