Do you have the Time?

by Coach Julie Hartman

Two of our most valuable resources are time and energy, both of which are in limited supply.

This isn’t pessimism or negativity, it’s simply a fact. It’s also a good reminder of how precious our time and energy are, and that it’s wise to be mindful of how we spend them.

The weekend of March 12th most of the United States implemented Daylight Savings Time. We ‘spring’ our clocks forward.  Poof, say goodbye to an hour taken from our weekend!

Time and energy can seem elusive.

I just don’t have the time or energy right now!” is a phrase I hear and have said myself many times.

Where exactly are our time and energy going? Where can we find more?

Here’s what’s easy to find:

A multitude of things that want, even demand, our time, energy, and attention simultaneously this very minute. (thank you for spending your time reading this!)

What’s not easy to find?

Enough time and energy.

What’s helpful?

Mindful curiosity and monitoring of where and how we spend our time, and what it does to our energy level.

We’re more in control than we give ourselves credit for.

Life and all of its responsibilities and moving parts are in constant competition for our attention.  We can’t give our attention without spending time and energy.  We get to decide.  It’s the inner responsibility of choice. Choosing says this or that is worth the investment of limited time and energy. Mindful prioritization of what matters most backed with the self-discipline of  intentional focus can help alleviate feeling depleted and short on time. One recommendation is to protect your time and energy as though it were currency. If it were dollar bills you were passing out rather than your attention/focus, minutes or hours would you be more careful? 

Does a beautiful sunrise really need to compete with screen time for attention each morning?

-Coach Julie Hartman

Do worries, procrastination, other people’s attitudes and opinions make you feel inspired and energized or discouraged and tired? What type of music is motivating for you? What are you reading, watching and listening to? Energy goes where attention and focus flow. What are you giving the majority of your focus and attention?

Decorative image
“What we feed our mind on today shapes our tomorrows”

What we focus on grows.

Time and energy are spent and gone for good regardless of what we do with them. Where do you want to be a year from now? What we feed our minds today shapes our tomorrows.  

Do worry and self-doubt make you feel energized or tired? Is seeing other people’s lives play out on social media helping you feel more engaged in your own life?  It’s as much about what we don’t do as what we do when it comes to being mindful of our time and energy.  Get curious. Observe what makes you feel confident, hopeful or inspired, and make more time for that. Expose yourself to things that are uplifting. This is not a denial of reality. It’s being fiercely mindful and protective of limited valuable resources. It’s self-care that doesn’t need to be overcomplicated. This is mindfulness in empowering action.  

Graphic Quote of a field of wheat at sunrise. The quote over the image says "Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your wild and precious life?"


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