Announcement! Introduction to Empower the Learner and “Empower the Learner” Profile Template by Book Creator

by: ETL Team

We are excited to announce our partnership with Book Creator who has created two powerful resources to start off the school year: An Introduction to Empower the Learner and a template: Empower the Learner Profile

Let’s first take a look at An Introduction to Empower the Learner.

This book provides insight into the pedagogy and the research from the science of learning and development resulting in the Empower the Learner Framework. 

Empower the Learner Framework

The ETL Framework was designed to empower learners first with their Identity so that we  can have kids value who they are how they learn and what they aspire to be by understanding their Identity.

Knowing one’s Identity opens the door to a discussion about the Skills that will support their learning challenges,  as well as the ways that will enhance their learning strengths.  This type of acknowledgement and acceptance helps kids to grow socially, emotionally, cognitively and academically.  Hopes and dreams are nurtured, supported and encouraged.

Let’s be clear. We want our kids to have these Outcomes

  •  a positive self image
  •  agency in their learning, 
  •  a practice of mindfulness
  •  a growth mindset, and
  • the ability to self-advocate!


“Empower the Learner” Profile:  The 1st step of the 3-Step ETL Process

Here is a what you need to know about Identity. It includes:

  • Who I Am

  • How I Learn (using the UDL Lens of Access, Engage and Express)

  • What I Aspire to Be

The Book Cempower the learner profile one-pagereator “Empower the Learner” Profile template is filled with engaging ways for your learners to share their stories of Who I Am, How I Learn (using the UDL Lens of Access, Engage and Express) and What I Aspire to Be. At the end, the learner can create a one-page overview of their learner profile to share with teachers and to use as a tool to self-advocate.

The research tells us from the Science of Adolescent Learning: How Identity and Empowerment Influence Student Learning, Alliance for Excellent Education. August 2019. that…

Identity development is at the core of adolescent social and emotional learning.”

Introducing the “Empower the Learner” Profile

In this Book Creator “Empower the Learner” Profile template, we have incorporated “The Mindful Learner”, a series of mindfulness exercises developed by Julie Hartman, our ETL Chief Mindfulness Officer, that can be used at each step in having the learner create their “Empower the Learner” Profile.

Once the “Empower the Learner” Profile is created  by the learner where they have shared their strengths and challenges in learning, the next two steps in the 3-Step Empower the Learner Process includes the…

personal learning backpack


Personal Learning Backpack where learners can develop the skills and strategies with tools/apps to support their challenges or enhance their strengths that they have indicated in their ETL Profile.

To gain those skills, the learner creates a Personal Learning Goals for the Personal Learning PlanPlan where they set goals, create actions steps, monitor their own progress and then reflect on their achievements.


If you would like to dive deeper into the 3-Step Empower the Learner Process, we have launched our Empower the Learner Program for Educators and Empower the Learner Program for Parents this month. 


Here are 3 great reasons to join this ground-breaking program that will empower your learner(s) this school year and beyond. ENROLL TODAY!

Empower your Learners Today!

Thank you to Dan Kemp and his team at Book Creator in making this happen. Here is Book Creator’s introduction to the Empower the Learner Template.

“Empower the Learner, “Empower the Learner” Profile, UDL Lens of Access, Engage and Express, Personal Learning Backpack and Personal Learning Plan are trademarks of Kathleen McClaskey. The Mindful Learner is a trademark of Julie Hartman. All rights reserved.


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